Video about Knovelty features
  • Runs on each operation system
  • Intuitive design

With Knovelty you keep everything in sight!

  • Division in chapters and scenes
  • Additional information for each scene, e.g.
    • Summary
    • Count of words
    • Notes
    • Point of view
    • Status
  • Management of background information directly in the program, like
    • Persons
    • Locations
    • Notes
  • Connections between scenes and background information
  • Tools and statitics about writing activity and time management, amongst others
    • Standard pages
    • Progress display
    • Reach/show deadline
    • Calculate/show words per day

Knovelty is compatible and safe.

  • Export possibilies into TXT, HTML and RTF ⇒ Full compability to other writing software
  • Import function for yWriter5 projects
  • It is possible to write your scenes in your favorite writing software (like Word)
  • Auto save and backupo function (optional)
  • Automated update function

Other features

  • Revision functions (text marker and comments)
  • Differnt color designs are available
  • Text analysis
  • Optional typewriter sounds
  • Full support of German character set (quotation marks, hyphen etc.)