What is Knovelty and why do you need it?

Knovelty is a writing program for authors. It helps you to write your book and manage the corresponding pieces of information. Each function is specified to the needs of authors. A few examples::

  • Clear strucure (also in long novels) throw partition in chapters and scenes
  • Effective management of background information like persons, locations etc.
  • Everything can be combined with all! For example you can assign a person to a scene or a location
  • Diverse confort functions like:
    • Statistics for the number of written words
    • Stilistic text analysis
    • Revision tools

There is an entire list of features of Knovelty

Is Knovelty free?

You can test Knovelty 30 days with all functions for free. Afterwards you need to buy the program for 10 euros.

As tribute to all the work we put into Knovelty there is the possibility to increase the buy price. Even if you pay 11 or 12 euros, it would mean a lot to us.